Donations of Land

Donating land to a land trust is one of the finest ways to contribute to land conservation efforts. MVLT graciously accepts gifts of land that hold significant conservation values. MVLT's first preserve, Reef Point Preserve, was the result of a generous donation of 55 acres along the Medomak River. Donating land is often an attractive option because it releases the landowner from the responsibilities of managing the land or worrying what might happen if no heirs exist. It is a wonderful way to conserve land for future generations and to share a special place with the rest of the community.


Purchasing Land

Because MVLT is a small non-profit organization and because real estate in Medomak Valley is increasingly expensive, purchasing land for conservation is not our common practice. We primarily rely on the generosity of residents to donate easements and land for conservation purposes. However, as development pressures increase, purchasing land has become a necessary component of our conservation toolbox. If a property has outstanding conservation values or is imminently threatened we may consider purchasing the land to hold as an MVLT preserve.

MVLT only negotiates based on "fair-market" or "bargain sale" price. A bargain sale is a good option if a landowner needs to realize some immediate income from the land but ultimately wants to see the land in conservation. In a bargain sale, the land is sold for less than its fair market value (which makes it more affordable for the land trust), and the landowner receives cash for the purchase and a tax benefit based on the difference in prices between the bargain sale and fair market value. 

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