Working for 26 years to preserve and promote the natural, recreational, and scenic character and the traditional land uses of the Medomak River watershed for the benefit of the Medomak Valley and Muscongus Bay community.


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Exciting new lands projects:

MVLT thanks Helen Bonelli, of Waldoboro, for her donation of a 20-acre preserve on the Medomak River! This property currently has no trail network, but is accessible from the Medomak River. Please contact MVLT for directions on how to access the property.

MVLT is also very thankful to the Catherine Beston Barnes Trust for donation of an 80-acre conservation easement on the Pettengill Stream in Appleton. Kate Barnes conserved other properties in the Georges River and Damariscotta Lake watersheds before her death. MVLT is delighted that Kate designated in her will that a conservation easement be placed on this, her last property. This easement permanently conserves approximately 1800' on Pettengill Stream, one of the headwater streams to the Medomak River.



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